Buildup: Mindscan

When Union Captain Reeve rescues renegade Protectorate scientist Marc Frampton, it’s his job to convince Frampton to give his loyalty to the Union. Reeve doesn’t mind the assignment. He admires Frampton’s courage in resisting interrogation under torture and his obvious intelligence. And he has the patience to wait ‘til Frampton is ready to give up his knowledge…and his body.

Frampton doesn’t do loyalty. Little wonder, after all he’s been through. He does, however, recognize a debt to the Union, and finds them a hell of a lot more congenial than his last employers -- the ones who arranged his tour of hell. He also likes Reeve. A lot more than he’s prepared to admit, because the secrets he’s keeping aren’t just scientific.

Reeve stumbles on Frampton’s kink quite by accident. The scientist’s D/s bent, and his need for multiple partners, doesn’t bother Reeve, but convincing Frampton may be the hardest mission Reeve’s ever undertaken.

How far are you willing to go to satisfy your lover?

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Details and excerpts for the second book in the Buildup series.

Originally published by Loose Id, out of print 24 March 2016. Details for the Loose Id edition:
Buildup: Mindscan
ISBN: 1-59632-071-0
Publisher: Loose Id
Author: Jules Jones
Cover Artist: Scott Carpenter
Length: 25,000 words
Price: $3.99

Reviews of Buildup: Mindscan

Just Erotic Romance Reviews: "Jules Jones writes in an unusual style I admire and is one of the few who can write a sex scene that is gracious yet close to hard core at the same time. The interesting storyline, the endearing characters, and really great sex make Mindscan my new favorite by Mr. Jones and one I openly recommend."

Coffee Time Romance: "...Jules Jones writes a story of two men who help each other come to terms with the demons that torment them. The sex in the leather bar scenes is graphic and the emotions are raw, making the book is dark and intense. I enjoyed the book because it grips the reader and does not let go until the last page. I hope to read more books by this author."

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