The SFWA website is aimed at sf and fantasy writers, but has much useful general advice.

The Erotica Readers & Writers Association has useful advice for erotica writers.

Charles Petit, Author's Lawyer, specialises in intellectual property law from the author's side. His website offers basic legal advice for authors, and is well worth a read. So is his blog Scrivener's Error, a witty running commentary on various legal issues.

Absolute Write Water Cooler is a writers' forum. Check out publishers and agents in the Bewares and Background Checks sub-forum. Preferably before handing over money to same. Remember: money flows towards the author.

Ralan's SpecFic & Humor Webstravaganza hosts a very useful market listing for speculative fiction writers.


The White List, a list of authors, editors, agents,publishers etc on Livejournal.


Worldcon is an annual orgy of sf and fantasy

Redemption started life as a Blakes 7 and Babylon 5 con, but has branched out. This is the sort of con you get when a media con is run by litfen. Plenty to do even if you never go near the headline guests.

Baycon is The San Francisco Bay Area Regional Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention.

BAScon is a slash con in the San Francisco Bay area. Not enough SF for my tastes, but one can't have everything.

L-Space Now! Lspace is your one-stop-shop for information on the works of Terry Pratchett, a gentleman who writes astonishingly good social satire thinly disguised as fantasy.

Other things

BBC Radio 4, for those who like the spoken word. News, current affairs, documentaries, plays...

Some of my friends

Alex Woolgrave is my writing partner. Sometimes we co-author, sometimes we beta each other.

Waveney Web Services Website design and hosting. Don't blame them for flaws in my site, I just get the hosting from them.

Interstellar Master Traders is "the North-West's Premier Fantasy, SF & Horror Book & RPG Shop", and purveyor of UK editions of Discworld novels (and other things) to the colonies.