Promises to Keep

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Promises to Keep cover art - vampire gay romance short story

Promises to Keep
ISBN: 1-59632-043-5
Publisher: Loose Id (19 October 2004)
Ebook: 27 pages, approx 5000 words

Author: Jules Jones
Cover Artist: April Martinez
Price: $1.99

Middle-aged and ill, a computer science professor assumes the obvious when he's propositioned by a young man. But the man isn't young, he's offering more than sex, and it's not good exam results he's after. He's an immortal vampire who needs the professor's help to stay on the right side of the law. A vampire who wants to show him that it's still worth making a fight for life...


Erotic excerpt

Advance Reader Quotes

Just when you think you know everything there is to know about vampires, Jules Jones comes along. Promises To Keep succeeds with new twists to everyone's favorite genre in this brief but beautiful story that will leave you yearning for more.

— Stephanie Vaughan, author of Dead Man's Party

Jules Jones has done it again! Promises to Keep is not only inferno hot, but the sly intelligence and wit engages the brain as well as the body. More, I say, more! After reading Promises to Keep, it will be miles to go before I sleep.

—Lena Austin, author of Black Widow

Remarkably involving and layered for such a short piece, with new twists on vampire mythos, characters that will linger in the memory, and deliciously crafted sex scenes. I'll be looking enthusiastically for more from Jules Jones.

—Elizabeth Jewell, author of Dark Callings (Changeling Press)

Promises to Keep is a quick, sexy, and totally delicious read with a surprising twist to keep you turning the pages. Jules Jones is on my to buy list from now on!

—Melissa Schroeder, author of A Little Harmless Sex

Promises to Keep is a delightful tease of a read. Perfect for the coming season, yet timeless as well.

—Merzi Ross, author of Mobile by Moonlight (eXtasy Books)

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