Spindrift cover art - gay romance novel

When myth comes to life, love becomes legendary...
Writer Richard Dunn's managed to get himself accepted by the fishermen in the village he lives in for half the year. Just how well accepted he doesn't realize, until the night he stumbles on an argument involving a local man he hasn't met before--and finds himself asked to give a silkie a bed for the night.

Niall is a silkie. A creature of legendóa seal, able to become human by removing his skin and to become seal again by slipping it back on. Thatís a bit of a problem, since Niallís seal-skin has been stolen by a man in love with Niall's sister. The thief will only give it back in exchange for his sisterís, which means he's trapped in human form. Unless he betrays her, or his friends find his skin.

Trapped ashore, with no official identity and no bank accounts, Niall needs a refuge. His human friends think that a wealthy writer with a known ability to respect other people's secrets might be just the ticket. All the better that both of them are gay and single...

But Richard's only too aware of the legends of silkie women abducted and forced to marry land men. It's hard to ignore the old tale, when one of the fishermen has just made a bid to re-enact it. It's not an example Richard wants to follow. He's determined to help Niall get his skin back, even if it costs him the love of a lifetime.


Erotic excerpt

Details and excerpts for Ship to Shore, the second book in the Spindrift series.

ISBN: 1-59632-135-0
Publisher: Loose Id
Author: Jules Jones
Cover Artist: April Martinez
Length: 58,000 words
Price: $5.99


Just Erotic Romance Reviews: "...a wonderfully rich tapestry of human emotions. Ms. Jones has penned a novel where I empathized with almost every situation... Ms. Jones explores the myth of the selkie, puts her own unique spin on it and has penned another winner in my book."

Joyfully Reviewed: "Spindrift is a touching love story that will leave you wishing for more. ... The fishing village, the assortment of villagers, Richard and Niall were all so well-written that they came alive to me, and at book's end I was sad to see them go."

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