An erotic excerpt from First Footer

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"I came equipped." Since Marcia had been providing a potential date, it had seemed provident to ensure he was properly supplied. He didn't do unprotected sex with strangers. He'd never dreamed when he'd bought the condoms and KY that he'd be using them with someone who was this much of a stranger to him.

He rolled a condom onto his cock, knowing that he probably wouldn't need it tonight, but wanting to be prepared. Then he tossed the tube of KY to Hraldrin. "Use that; I know I'm not sensitive to it and it won't be in contact with your sensitive bits."

Hraldrin nodded and applied a decent amount to himself. "Anything else?"

For answer, Matthew pushed him onto the bed. Hraldrin growled deep in his throat and pulled Matthew down on top of him. "Oh hell, I wanted to take it more slowly this time, but I can't wait."

Matthew struggled to shift position, pinning Hraldrin down with his weight as much as anything. "Take it slowly. Just in case."

He'd have been willing to go on the bottom in the most literal sense, but this position made more sense if he wanted to keep some control. As Hraldrin nodded at him, he scrambled to his knees. "This way up, I think."

"Good idea." Hraldrin looked around, grabbed the tube of KY from where it had fallen next to him. "Come here."

He shuffled forward, feeling the fur on Hraldrin's sides brush against his thighs. It nearly drove him mad with wanting the man, but he held still as Hraldrin carefully applied the KY to him.

"Enough?" Hraldrin asked, sounding a little anxious.

"Should be."

He eased himself back, finding the right position. He could just feel Hraldrin's cock against him. Then Hraldrin held his cock steady, and Matthew was able to ease himself onto it. The pointed tip slid into him with ease, and he could understand why Hraldrin had been nervous about a blunt human cock.

He wanted to ram himself down onto Hraldrin, but forced himself to take things slowly. This wasn't quite the same as with anyone he'd ever had sex with before, and he was scared of hurting Hraldrin by accident. That worry went both ways, judging by the intense concentration in Hraldrin's expression.

The slow buildup was almost unbearable. Almost, but not quite. He worked his way down to where Hraldrin's cock flared out to the full width, and it felt good. It felt right now; it felt the way sex always had before. But it was more than sex. The man he was looking down at was like no other man he'd ever had, but the sex was good ... and Hraldrin wanted more than just the sex. Hraldrin wanted him.

Then he had all the length Hraldrin had to give. They rested like that for a moment, making sure things were right. Hraldrin wrapped his hand around Matthew's cock. "So strange," he said in wonder.

With that Matthew couldn't hold still any longer. He rocked forward then back, feeling Hraldrin move in him, watching as Hraldrin closed his eyes in ecstasy.

Then Hraldrin squeezed hard on Matthew's cock, hand slipping and sliding along the shaft. Matthew wanted it to last, but could feel himself close to the edge already. "Keep that up and I'll come," he warned.

"I'm close too," Hraldrin gasped. "Can't help it, sorry."

Hraldrin's hand was unskilled on his cock, clearly used to holding a rather different shape. But it didn't matter. Not when he was looking down at his new lover, and seeing in his face that this was a new lover, not just a fuck for the night.

It was too fast again, but it didn't matter. They'd have time enough to learn to take it slowly. They were going faster now, urgent with need. Identical desire was more important than the differences between them.

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