An excerpt from One Size Fits All

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Gavin checked the corridor one last time, and, satisfied that it was clear, slipped inside the bedroom. It would never do if Hugh caught him Hugh had a strong sense of privacy, to the point of preferring to go to Gavin's place rather than his own. But since he'd given Gavin a key, and agreed to meet here tonight . . .

Yes, Hugh did keep his underwear in the obvious place. Black, black, black, oh, there's a surprise, grey, black, deep blue, good god, the man did own something that wasn't neutral colours, black . . .

All very severe. Just as bad as everything Hugh had worn so far when calling on him of an evening. The man was a delight in bed, but had no idea of underwear as a turn-on rather than as something to keep warm with. He'd hoped Hugh might have something a bit more entertaining tucked away, but no, it was all the same dark, severe stuff. The high proportion of silk to cotton was all very well, but couldn't it be silk for the sake of silk, rather than because it was warm and comfortable?

That wasn't silk.

He scrabbled it out from under the pile of socks. Given what it was, it had probably been hidden under there deliberately. Black again, but this time leather. He sniffed at it. Clean, but definitely used leather. Leather with a slight overlay of Hugh.

Very nice. He tried to picture Hugh wearing it, and nothing else. Even nicer. Why hadn't Hugh worn it with him? Embarrassed? Maybe he was; after all, the idea of buttoned-up Hugh wearing something like this was a bit . . . well, a bit of a shock. Two black leather triangles held together by a strategically placed metal ring and a couple of buckled straps, one-size-fits-all. Not really the sort of thing anyone expected Hugh to wear. Of course, most people didn't notice that reserved, quiet Hugh even had a sex drive -- Gavin had bagged him by the simple expedient of being the first in their group to notice that he did.

Just how one-size-fits-all was this thing, anyway?

The idea wouldn't go away. There was something very appealing about the idea of wearing leather that had last held Hugh in an intimate clasp. He'd only come in here to rummage around for something to have waiting for Hugh, but this wasn't what he'd expected to find. Hugh as a secret leather fetishist was quite a turn-on. Maybe the silk wasn't just for warmth and comfort.

© Jules Jones, 2004
All Rights Reserved

The full story is 3000 words long, and was published by Fishnet Magazine - now out of print.

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