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Lord and Master cover art - gay romance novella Lord and Master cover art - gay romance novella

The one PA in the building who can't marry the boss.

When Mark Paulson went for a job interview with an old friend of his PhD supervisor, he wasn't expecting to be instantly attracted to the man. Steven Frost was simply looking for a young scientist to train as his assistant in running his engineering company; he wasn't expecting to get an attractive young man who looked the part of an openly gay CEO's trophy secretary. They were amused by other people's speculation about them, at least until the attraction flared into something they couldn't ignore...

Lord and Master was only supposed to be one book, my take on the classic tycoon/secretary romance with the classic HEA ending. Except, as so often happens, I then had a few ideas about what happened next. After all, they had to wait nearly two years between Steven's formal proposal and the day they could legally get married.

The series currently includes two novels, published by Loose Id, plus a novelette and short story available as free reads on this website. The novels are in Mark's viewpoint, but after the first book was published several people asked for something in Steven's viewpoint, so I wrote the two pieces on this website for them.


Summer 2003 - March 2004: Main portion of Lord and Master (published by Loose Id).

May 2004: Old Age Creeping Over Me (free download on this website).

June 2004: Part 1 of Taking Work Home (published by Loose Id).

31 December 2004: Part 2 of Taking Work Home (published by Loose Id).

11 February 2006: Epilogue of Lord and Master (published by Loose Id).

May 2008: Flight of Dreams (free download on this website).

I also have an idea for a third book set in 2008/2009, but that's still at the early planning stage, so won't show up for a while even if I do write it.

Background information

The whole thing started as a short story which eventually became the basis of a chapter in the novel, although the original short story is different in tone to the romance series. The story spent a couple of years sitting in various anthology slushpiles, and by the time it was published, the Civil Partnership legislation had passed in the UK -- which gave me an idea...

You can find more background information about the first novel here. There's also a separate page with more information about a medical issue covered in the series, although be warned that this page is a significant spoiler.

Cover art merchandise

The cover art for the two novels is by the wonderful Anne Cain. If you'd like a teeshirt or print, I have a CafePress shop for both Lord and Master and Taking Work Home. These are all at cost, with no markup.