Mailing list contest - November 2005

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This one's for the release of Spindrift 2: Ship to Shore earlier this month. Send the answers to the following questions to by the evening of Sunday November 27. I'll draw a name at random from the people sending correct answers.

1) What country and time period is the Spindrift series set in?
2) How many books have been published in the series so far?
3) Name two of the fishermen Richard is friends with.

The prize is:
- hand-embroidered bookmark with a Celtic theme
- signed prints of the Spindrift series cover art (winner's choice of size from 6x4", 7x5" and 8x6")
- signed chapbook of one of my short stories. At the moment this is the only way you can get "Black Leather Rose", because the anthology it was published in is out of print.

This one closes on the evening of Sunday 27 Nov 2005, but there'll be another contest or draw for members of my loops next month, with a download from The Syndicate series as the prize.

Note - this is the page for blog readers, mirroring the contest posted to my mailing lists (also known as loops). The announcements-only loop has an allegedly monthly newsletter, plus announcements when books are released, chat times, new excerpts, and so forth. The chat loop has copies of all the announcements but is also open for conversation. Both loops are used for contests for members.

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