Materials scientist by day, writer by night

As noted above, I'm a materials scientist, whose publishing credentials include such gems as European Union research reports. Thrilling though these might be to at least three readers, I believe that variety is the spice of life. Writing erotic romance provides an adequate amount of variety. It's better not to mix the two styles of writing, though - it's very embarrassing when your manager points out that the file you were working on during the lunch hour has found its way into the project folder...

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Dolphin Dreams - paranormal gay/menage romance Black Leather Rose - contemporary gay romance Yule - contemporary gay romance Lord and Master 2: Taking Work Home - contemporary gay romance And if I offered thee a bargain - contemporary fantasy First Footer - science fiction gay romance Nice Tie contemporary gay romance Knotting the Tie contemporary gay romance

Current news

10 November 2015: New short story Knotting the Tie is out today from Loose Id -- and it's free, at least for now.

10 November 2015: Loose Id's edition of Yule, the novelette I wrote with Lindsey Mullen, will be going out of print next month. If you'd like 9000 words of year's end m/m BDSM romance, go and get it now. We'll probably republish it at some point, but that may be a while...

28 February 2015: Musa Publishing is closing down, which means that my short story "And if I offered thee a bargain" is once again out of print. It'll be back at some point, possibly when I next feel the urge to play around with self-publishing tools.

2 June 2014: The Dreamspinner Press anthology Not Quite Shakespeare, which includes my short story Bread and Butter Pudding, is now available directly from Dreamspinner's website in both ebook format (ISBN-13 978-1-63216-020-1) and trade paperback (ISBN-13 978-1-63216-019-5). It's also available from third party retailers, including Amazon UK, Amazon US, and Kobo.

17 April 2014: I have a short story in Barbara Cardy's Mammoth Book of Urban Erotic Confessions, out today in the UK, and scheduled for June 2014 in the US.

01 April 2014: My novel Nice Tie is available now from Loose Id.

11 November 2013: The Romance Review Top Pick from The Romance Review for And if I offered thee a bargain. :-)

9 November 2013: Re-release of my short story One size fits all as a self-published single at SmashWords.

18 April 2013: My short story A Sparrow Flies Through has been published in Maxim Jakubowski's Mammoth Book of Erotic Quickies. Purchase links for Amazon UK, and Amazon US.

26 January 2013: My novella First Footer, originally published in the Loose Id anthology A Kiss At Midnight, has been published in a standalone edition (with shiny new cover art). The anthology is no longer available.

28 October 2012: My free short story Naked is now available through SmashWords in a variety of formats, in addition to the html-only version on my website.

9 October 2012: Loose Id had a major outage of their website earlier this year, just as they were working on a shiny new website. When the full website went back up with the new bells and whistles, all the book URLs had changed -- and the old ones don't work any more. I'm busy going through my website updating links, but you'll find some broken ones here and there.


You can email me at my gmail account and my main blog is on LiveJournal.

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