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I have contests and prize draws every so often on both my own mailing lists and on various romance chat loops. There's the occasional one-off prize that fits with the theme of a specific book, but I've also got a selection of standard prizes for contests. Here's a summary, to make life easier for winners trying to choose what they want:


You can find my author page in the Loose Id catalogue here. The formats offered by Loose Id are PDF, HTML, MS Reader (.lit files) or Mobipocket. Click on a book cover to get the long blurb and link to an excerpt for a book.

Or you can check out the individual pages for books on this website -- there are extra excerpts available for most books.

cover art:

These are normally 6x4" photographic prints of the cover art, signed by me unless you ask for them not to be. They can be personalised if you like, but to be honest a 6x4" print doesn't really leave much room for a personalised dedication. The Syndicate prints will be ones signed by both authors if I have them available, but I don't guarantee it. I occasionally offer 7x5" or 8x6" prints as well. Covers available:

short story chapbooks:

This is the definition someone posted to a board for science fiction writers:

The most common working definition for a chapbook (in terms of collecting/small press publishing) is really "staple-bound A5-sized (or smaller) publication (often in card covers)". This is a physical description - chapbooks are usually created using A4-to-A5, double-sided printed pages staple bound - basically they look like most fanzines, though they can be made to look as good or as bad as your designer chooses.

The stories you can choose from:

These ones are available free online, but if you'd like a signed chapbook of them anyway, they're also available in that format:

You can find more details about the stories in the bibliography.

pocket massager

Be warned that these really are cheap and cheerful, as they're really just to give an alternative prize to anyone who already has the other things.

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