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Fiction: Downloads

First published in Ultimate Gay Erotica 2005, Alyson Press, ISBN 1-55583-880-4. Posted here in honour of International Pixel-Stained Technopeasants Day, 23 April 2007. You'll find a lot more links to free fiction at the LiveJournal, in a good variety of genres, though focusing on sf and fantasy.

Bill pulled at his bonds, testing. No, he couldn't get free now even if he wanted to, and the expression on Kevin's face was giving him some slight twinges of regret over that. He forced the fear down. He could trust Kevin.

Then Kevin showed him the razor. Not a safety razor that could do no more than nick his skin, but a folding knife -- a cut-throat.

"You never said..." Bill stammered.

Kevin grinned. "No. I didn't. You never asked." Then he set down the razor and picked up a brush and bowl. "I do like to do things properly. Otherwise why bother in the first place?"

Why indeed? Why was he doing this?

Then Kevin dragged the stiff bristles across Bill's chest, across his nipples. And Bill knew why.

Sensation trailed in the wake of the brush. Wetness after, warm water, then cooling on his skin. Kevin wetted him down with careful attention to detail and utter silence. Bill found the silence even more unnerving than the thought of the razor. Kevin was looking down at his task, eyes invisible, and Bill couldn't even read what little of Kevin's thoughts might show on his face.

Then Kevin rubbed the brush against the soap with a sensual motion, an artist taking pride in his skill. A light lather collected on the brush. Kevin transferred it to Bill's skin, nipples first again. The delicate sensation of the back and forth swirl across his chest was cooler this time. The soap tickled slightly as it went on, leaving him with an urge to scratch--an urge he couldn't satisfy while tied to the bondage frame.

"That tickles," he said with a nervous laugh.

"Good," Kevin said. He went back to the table to set down the bowl and brush, leaving Bill thinking that the little bastard had deliberately set the table far away so he couldn't just turn to it. Bill had to stand and wait in anticipation. He also had an excellent view of Kevin's arse hidden beneath his trousers.

He'd only agreed to be tied. He hadn't expected Kevin to take the power game that little bit further by neglecting to undress -- or even simply to change into something more appropriate. It would have been less disconcerting if Kevin had been wearing some sort of leather getup instead of perfectly ordinary everyday clothing while Bill hung here with nothing more than a G-string to cover the bits that weren't to be shaved.

Kevin returned with a razor and a strip of leather. He slowly and methodically stropped the razor against the leather, stopping to turn the blade this way and that in the light and check the edge.

"Don't worry, Bill, I'm careful with my toys. I don't want to cut accident." He grinned again and dropped the leather on the floor. Two steps brought Kevin close enough to lay the blade against Bill's chest. A thin line of cold ran down Bill's sternum. Another chill line crept down his spine as he wondered how much he trusted Kevin. Then the razor moved, whisking away the soap in a broad sweep above his nipples. Another below, and then Kevin lay the flat of the blade against one nipple and looked at Bill with a devil's glint in his eye. "I suppose you'd like me to be careful with these?"

The shock of the cold blade against his nipple deprived Bill of speech. Kevin must have had the damn thing in the fridge. Then he found his voice again. "You said..."

"No pain. And I keep my word, so I suppose I'd need to anaesthetize them first. I don't suppose a cold blade would be adequate to the task."

"No it bloody well wouldn't!" This wasn't at all what Bill had expected. What he'd expected had been a lot of chat about Kevin having him where he wanted him, words to emphasize the power difference and to tell him that he was, however temporarily, Kevin's plaything. This was frightening, which he hoped was why Kevin was doing it.

"Let me know if you change your mind." With that, Kevin made a fast but delicate pass over his skin, the tip of the blade whispering over one aureole. Before he knew it, Kevin moved on to his belly. Long strokes swept down and stopped at the edge of the G-string, leaving Bill glad he'd worn one that went for relative modesty. He did his best to stand still and not to flinch; he couldn't blame Kevin if one of those long, controlled strokes met skin that had moved in the meantime.

Without a word, Kevin went back to the table to exchange the razor for clean water and the brush.

Water slopped onto Bill now-not delicately dabbed-rinsing away soap and hair, but not, he was glad to see, blood. "You do have a delicate touch," he remarked.

"That was the easy bit," Kevin said, patting Bill dry with a towel. Bill's skin prickled oddly as the soft cloth moved across it. "Chests are mostly convex. Concave probably requires the safety razor, I'm afraid."

"The voice of experience?" Bill ventured.

"Oh yes." Kevin leaned in close and kissed him luxuriously. It was the first contact with Kevin since he'd been tied to the frame, and his cock loved it. His newly naked skin didn't know what to make of the strange sensation of Kevin's shirt pressed against it. The feeling was overwhelming, bizarre. Then Kevin pulled away and Bill slumped against the ties, nerves jangling. He hadn't thought through what it would be like-that much skin with new-shaven sensitivity. Now he knew why Kevin had suggested a trial run instead of shaving his entire body. He wasn't sure he could bear to bare all over.

Kevin turned his attention to Bill's armpits. Then he stood in front of Bill with the cutthroat in his hand and the most wicked smile Bill had ever seen on his lips. He slid the tip of the razor beneath the string girdling Bill's hips.

"No!" Bill protested.

"Yes," Kevin said as he moved the blade slightly, but enough. The triangle of cloth fluttered to the ground, leaving Bill defenseless.

"I didn't agree to this!" he said.

"You wanted it all when you first saw that magazine," Kevin replied. His voice was coolly mocking.

"I wanted..." What had he wanted when he'd found that magazine in Kevin's cupboard? "I wanted to understand why it turned you on."

"And why it turned you on?"

"Yes." Bill glared at Kevin. "I didn't think it included..."

"You should have thought. Or at least not tried to stuff the magazine down the back of the mattress when I walked in. I'd have been quite happy for you to read the last page or two."

Read wasn't the appropriate word for something that consisted mostly of photos, of course.

"Kevin, I'm not comfortable with this," Bill said.

"My taste for D/s, or my specific tastes in D/s?"

"You having that razor near my balls."

Kevin looked at Bill, looked at the blade, then went to the table and set the blade down. He came back to Bill and cupped his face. "Bill, I do know how to do this. I'll be careful, and I won't hurt you. And I won't do it if you can't cope."

Something in Kevin's voice told him that the last part wasn't a dare. "All right," Bill said, his voice shaking slightly.

Kevin kissed him again. "Say if you want me to stop and I will."

Bill could believe that, he could believe the trace of concern he'd seen in Kevin's expression. So he nodded and waited as Kevin collected the brush and water.

Kevin handled Bill carefully, lovingly, gently pushing his cock out of the way when necessary. The soap swirled through Bill's pubic hair, making him horribly aware that the next thing to follow would be a sharp blade. Even the view of Kevin kneeling at his feet didn't help. Kevin might be kneeling, but Bill was the one tied in place.

Then came the knife, and Bill closed his eyes. That was even worse, because his imagination wasn't bound by reality. At least it was just the top of his pubic hair to begin with-not so bad. Bill opened his eyes and forced himself to look down. Kevin was handling the knife with the same delicate precision he'd use with any of his tools, and Bill relaxed ever so slightly. He concentrated on breathing evenly -- it would help the incipient panic and make things easier for Kevin.

He heard the tiny scraping sound of sharp steel against his skin. His senses seemed heightened surely he shouldn't be able to hear something that quiet? The bare skin of his chest prickled in the slight movement of the air-conditioning. He could almost hear his own pulse.

Then Kevin started on Bill's balls. The feel of a razor against that bit of skin was nothing new; he'd shaved there for lovers before. Still, it was never like this -- another's hand guiding the blade, his hands tied. He shivered inside and tried not to shiver outside.

At last it was done. Kevin rinsed him off then dried him. To his surprise, Bill felt tender kisses along his exposed skin. This wasn't what he'd envisaged at all.

To his greater surprise, Kevin got up and fetched the bowl and brush back again. "Now what? I thought you said I shouldn't do the whole thing first time?"

"One more bit, Bill." Kevin walked behind him and spread his buttocks.

Bill jumped as much as he could in the bonds. Somehow the idea of Kevin being where he couldn't see him was even worse than having to watch.

"I said I don't damage my toys, Bill," Kevin cooed. There was a slight edge of impatience there, which was more like the Kevin Bill thought he knew. He held still.

More brushing of lather against Bill's skin, making him want to squirm. He held still. The blade was not so cold now, not after the contact it had already had with his skin. He twitched slightly and Kevin slapped him lightly and told him to hold still.

Then Bill felt unbelievable cold again-something poured between his buttocks. Then he felt something worked against the opening to his body. "No, Kevin," Bill begged.

"You let me hold a naked blade to your balls," said a gentle whisper in Bill's ear, "but you won't let me make love to you?"

He'd never let Kevin fuck him. But Kevin had never asked to make love to him.

Bill relaxed in his bonds, his will to resist gone. "Do what you want," he said dejectedly.

"Only if you want it too." Kevin was gentle and implacable.

"You said you'd stop if I asked."

"I still will."

"All right, Kevin. Make love to me." You have been all evening, haven't you?

"Thank you."

One finger eased its way in. He was so sensitive! Kevin's light touch electrified Bill's shorn skin. Then there was Kevin's cock, which felt huge between his buttocks, but not so huge once it went in. Somehow Kevin had the patience to stay still, let Bill adjust.

Then Kevin put one arm around Bill's waist, cupped the other hand over his cock and balls, and thrust against him.

Sensation overwhelmed Bill, filling him and surrounding him. His shaven skin was one enormous erogenous zone, all the nerve endings exposed. A slight twitch of Kevin's arm across his belly underlined the slide of Kevin's cock inside his body. The thrust into him forced him in turn into Kevin's hand and his balls screamed their awareness of Kevin's fingertips. Then Kevin slid an arm up Bill's belly and grabbed his nipple. Bill came in one long ecstatic stream, not caring whether Kevin followed.

Bill hung limply in his bonds, gasping for breath. He barely noticed as Kevin slid out, but started when Kevin let go of him and exposed him to the air. He looked up as Kevin went to the table and returned with the razor.

Bill wanted no more; he'd had as much as he could take. "Enough, Kevin."

"I know," Kevin soothed as he lifted the razor. "Hold still."

One of Bill's hands abruptly came free. Just in time, he shifted his weight, staggering a little but didn't fall as the other hand came free.

Kevin folded the razor and let his hand fall to his side. "Do you understand now?" he asked quietly.

Oh, yes, Bill understood. "Not all of it, but I don't think it's disgusting. I never did." Bill reached out and stroked one finger down Kevin's cheek. "Come to bed, love. We can talk about it in the morning."

First published in Ultimate Gay Erotica 2005, Alyson Press, ISBN 1-55583-880-4

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Fiction: Downloads