An excerpt from Lord and Master

"Tired?" Steven asked.

"Yes. Shouldn't be; it wasn't that difficult a day even if I had to get up earlier than usual."

"But you're still getting used to a new job. Here." Steven handed him a mug, then sat in the other chair.

Mark sipped gratefully at the tea, appreciating Steven bringing it to him. Straight from the pot, it was still really too hot to drink, but the warmth of the mug comforted his hands. It had been a while since he'd done a lot of writing with a pen rather than a keyboard, but when it came to taking meeting notes at high speed, he could usually read his bad handwriting better than he could his bad typing. "Maybe I should take shorthand lessons. Or learn to touch type as fast as a real secretary could."

"You were doing well enough. And a lot of meetings don't have a trained typist as committee secretary, just one of the committee members scribbling as fast as they can. Ready to go over your notes now?"

"Think so." Mark went over to his desk, set the mug down, and pulled out his notes from the meeting.

Steven sat on the edge of the desk, leaning over to look at the notes.

It put him all too close to Mark.

Too long a day with the early start, too tired to concentrate on just one thing. He'd been half aroused and pushed it away on and off all day, and now Steven was right in front of him. He couldn't focus on his notes, not when what he wanted to look at was right next to them. He could imagine Steven's cock, resting plumply inside those terribly respectable trousers. Imagine putting his hand there instead of on his notes, feeling the flesh harden with his touch.


He looked up at Steven, not trying to hide it anymore. "Sorry. I'm tired, and I'm not being very professional."

"Oh, hell." Steven reached out and brushed his cheek. "I'm sorry. I'm old enough to have forgotten just how insistent hormones can be at your age."

It was the first time either of them had ever acknowledged the attraction. He wasn't even sure if it was mutual.

And then Steven stood up and put his hand on his fly. "Well, you're obviously not going to get any work done this evening. Maybe satisfying your curiosity will help."

"Here?" Oh, yes, in his fantasies he'd thought of going on his knees in front of Steven, but he hadn't expected to do it for real. He glanced over his shoulder at the big picture window with the panoramic view. The view that went both ways.

"It's tinted glass, remember. As long as the lights aren't on in here, anyone looking from a distance can't see in."

He wanted to. But it was a stupid idea. It was all very well letting people think things, but if they were caught...

Steven leaned over and pressed the switch on Mark's desk that remotely locked the door.

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